About Us

In 1929, a gifted Ayurvedic Physician , Pappy Vaidyar, realised the need of an institution to meet the rising demand for genuine Ayurvedic formulations/ treatment. Bipha Drug Laborataries was established as a result of his efforts in Ochira, a small village in South Kerala.


Pappy Vaidyar (1908--1986)
Koshy Varghese, later fondly known as Pappy Vaidyar, was born in the year 1908 His parents were farmers of a remote village, Ochira, in South Kerala.


From its humble beginnings and the efforts of its talented founder, Bipha Drug Laboratories now claims a prominent position as a reputed Ayurvedic pharmacy in Kerala . Uncompromised quality and continuous innovation remain the motto of this institution, not an easy feat in today s world.


Led today by the third generation descendants of Pappy Vaidyar, BDL is an exclusively owned private limited company belonging to his immediate family members.

Management team
The senior management team of Bipha comprises of professionals heading the functional areas of the organization. The management team is ably guided by the board of directors comprising of experts with rich experience drawn from a diversified strata.

 Departments of Bipha

Bipha is a professionally run company, divided into different departments like Sales, Administration, Distribution, Production, HR, Scientific and Finance.

 Sales and Distribution network

Bipha Drug Laboratories is now a globally recognised company, significantly functioning in 14 countries, spanning Asia, Europe and the US. Years of international exposure has provided us with a more empathetic approach to individual customer needs as well as a superior knowledge of regulatory requirements across various countries.


From its small beginning as a manufacturer of Ayurvedic medicines, over the years, Bipha Drug Laboratories has diversified into a business group dealing in Hospitality, Leisure and Agriculture.