Biphaayurveda Manufacturing Facilities

Posted by Ajay George Varghese on

The automated unit of Bipha was set up way back in 1945 to manufacture pharmaceutical formulations in Industrial Estate, Ettumanoor. With the introduction of Kashaya tablets in 1971, the plant was upgraded to suit the need of patented ayurvedic formulations. The production process at Bipha is a culmination of deep-rooted expertise in traditional medication with the precision of cutting edge pharmaceutical technology. Great care is taken to ensure batch-to-batch consistency of products. Automated machines handle the entire process of punching, coating and filling ensuring explicit accuracy and hygiene.

The plant at Ettumanoor has an installed capacity to manufacture 2.5 lakhs tablets per day, 60,000 capsules per day and 180 litres of liquids per day. The production process is meticulously documented and monitored for compliance to specified parameters. Products are continuously tested from ingredients level to completion for batch to batch consistency and compliance.

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